Guinness World Record Surfing Dog



A short movie about how a dog discovered the joy of surfing.




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Abbie, an Australian Kelpie, is a rescue dog with a Cinderella story. Born in 2006, she was found on the roadside and rescued by Humane Society Silicon Valley. Later that year, she was adopted by Michael Uy, who started bringing her to the beach to rehabilitate her. Dad used sports to build the Abbie’s self-confidence. She survived and developed a love of sports that led her to become the top surfing dog in the world, and a celebrity animal athlete featured in TV, film and print in countries including Norway, China, Australia, and the UK.

Abbie started surfing in 2008 and has medaled in every competition since. She is the longest competing and most awarded surfing dog. Abbie also has two Guinness World Records. In 2014, she even became the first dog inducted into the International Surfing Hall of Fame. Abbie and her Dad helped turn dog surfing from a fund raising novelty into a real, competitive sport. She rides a custom surfboard by INT Softboards and has a special wetsuit made from material used for US Navy SEALs. Abbie is an international and local icon in San Diego. When not competing, she and her dad can be found surfing year-round at their home break at 15th street in Del Mar, California.


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Contact us for interviews about dog training and sports, or if you’re interested in having Abbie (and Dad) surf at your next event or commercial film project. Send us a wave!

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